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USA trip – Lincoln

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Lincoln is a pretty small village west from Spokane, located on the Columbia river. I spent there with Lynne and Tim about a week. We painted on different locations. This area offers a lot of painting subjects. Rocks, water, small woods, valleys. Thera are small secluded bays along the river. On some places the water is colored turquoise.
If you want to spent some days in this area, I would recommend to rent this cabin in Lincoln.

USA trip – Dry Falls

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Dry Falls is a breathtaking area. The whole area was swept away by a big flood at the end of the ice area. There is a visitor center, with a great view over part of the region. But as soon you enter the area, you will be impressed by the huge rock formations on all sides.

USA trip – Spokane

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In spring 2011 I was invited to take part in a plein air retreat about 100km west from Spokane. Lynne Haines contacted me trough the plein air artists website. First I hesitated, but then I decided to buy a ticket for two weeks. This was my first trip over the atlantic ocean. After 15 hours, 4 different airports and three flights I landed in Spokane, WA. The gallery shows the photos from the first three days. I was impressed by the vastness of the landscape. I have to confess that I never left Europe, and Europe is a crowded place, especially central Europe.

summer trip to Bulgaria 2011 #4

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The biggest drawback working with oils is the gear you need for painting outside. If you are flying, your package (usually) is limited to 20kg. So the format must be keep small. I took a linen roll with me and cut equal pieces of 21×26 cm out. With tape I attached them to a board. At the end of the journey all finished linen pieces were very comfortable to transport.

summer trip to Bulgaria 2011 #3

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Usually the summer on the bulgarian black-sae coast is pretty hot. Painting and sketching outside is not that easy. The best time is in the morning or in the evening or you have to watch for enough shadow. The advantage of the summer is, that fresh oil paintings dry much faster.

summer trip to Bulgaria 2011 #2

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Part 2 from 4: All photos show locations from Sofia, the black sea coast, Gabarevo (a small village from central Bulgaria) and landscapes along the railway tracks. In the next two postings I’ll show some of my plein air paintings.

summer trip to Bulgaria 2011 #1

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Some photos from my last summer trip to Bulgaria. The bulgarian trains are perfect for making landscape photos, the trains are slow, you can open every window, sometimes you can’t close a door – perfect conditions.

paintings and photos from Mönchsgut #2

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May be I should try to paint on bigger sizes, like 40x50cm till 60cm. The only problem is the wind and later the storage and transportation. With a small car it could be tricky.

paintings and photos from Mönchsgut #1

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Meanwhile I could say: »Same procedure as every year«. The last week from June 2011, I spent a few days on Rügen. The weather was almost perfect, but I forgot my two reds. First I thought about using a limmited palette, but I wasn’t in the mood. So I started to look for an art shop on this island. But I had a presentiment, that Rügen doesn’t have any art shops, and it was almost true. Almost, because I found in Binz a small shop with art supplies.

plein air painting on Ibiza #2

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I should post these images a view months ago, but …
Eugen Kisselmann invited me to paint en plein air with him for a week on Ibiza. It was in middle of march. In Berlin, the whether was lousy, in Ibiza – sun, swallows and butterflies. So, I took the opportunity and flew to Ibiza. I know Mallorca, but Ibiza was new for me. It’s smaller, there are no mountains, only hills and everywhere are lizards.
These photos are mostly from a small, secluded bay – Cala de Jonc, in the north eastern part of Ibiza.